Agency Fees

There is a registration admin fee of R.400. and it is used to put your CV on difference Sites and local newspapers so that you get exposed to many potential employers. Once you have found the candidate of your choice, there is a placement fee. These  a one-time fees.
For more details about:

1.For employment longer than two months, the fee is 10% of employee's first annual gross salary.this is a one-time fee.
2.Please be advised that our agency don't negotiate or justify the fees. Our placement fee must be paid in full prior to the employee's start date.
3.There is no cost or obligation to pay the placement fee until you have selected the employee of your choice or during a trial period of seven days or less.
Included in our fee is a three-month replacement guarantee period,profile matching,appointments schedule, professional consultations, personal support, assistance and the Sivoline Domestic Agency Protection Plan.
4.We are not responsible for wages to the employee or for any liability that may result from this employment. Taxes, insurance and benefits are the sole responsibility of the employer
5.We accept checks or money orders. Money Orders and regular check payments should be sent to:
Sivoline Domestic Agency, Randburg 2 Bram Fischer Drive 217 A Oriental Plaza Mall Building (Opposite Randburg KFC CBD).

*All checks are to be in South Africa Rand, drawn from a South Africa. bank and made payable to Sivoline Domestic Agency.

Sivoline Domestic Agency Salary Rate:

A salary may vary and depending on the applicant’s qualifications and experience.
The other factors that affect the salary are the number of hours, location and the job responsibilities.
Position Salary Range:

*Estate Manager: R1,000 to R2,500 weekly

*Personal Assistant: R600 to R1,200 weekly

*Chauffeur: R600 to R1,200 weekly

*Chef: R600 to R1,500 weekly

*Nanny: R 600 to R 1,000 weekly  

*Baby Nurse: R. 250 to R. 400 day

*Caregiver:R. 600 to R.1,000 weekly

* Butler:R.600 to R.1500 weekly 

*Housekeeper:R 500 to R. 800 weekly

These rates are based on a seven - day week, 24 to 48 hours, with two days off each week. Please call us for details on candidates, salaries and availability.